Privacy Policy and Consent Forms

The Ontario Hotel Registration of Guests Act requires all guests to complete and sign a Registration Card at check-in.

In order to confirm an email reservation, due to the new Federal Privacy Act Effective January 1, 2004, it is required that you fill in the Privacy Act Consent Form online and click “Send” to automatically email it to us, as well as provide a Visa or MasterCard number , expiry date and three digit security code, shown on back of your card.

We cannot process your reservation without this information.

Federal Privacy Act Effective January 1, 2004

INN ON THE HARBOUR, requires the following information in order to provide you with their accommodation, not only for your personal safety, but also for their business security:

  • A Visa or MasterCard Credit Card Number, expiry date and the three digit security code number, on the back of your card. (an imprint will be required at check in).
  • Name, address, telephone number, make of vehicle and license number.

To view the full Act see the Ontario Government Website.